What to do when you cheat!


To think that for twelve whole weeks, you won’t have an off day, skip a workout or two or have temptations to ‘eat the cake’ is a little unrealistic, I get that, we are all human! What matters the most is how you handle it after those ‘off’ moments.

The key to this plan is consistency, I cannot stress that enough. However the odd day off, or bowl of ice cream is not going to undo all your hard work. What will undo some of your hard work and make it harder to get back on track, is a continuous binge on high saturated fats, sugars and carbohydrates and skipping an entire week or two of your workouts.

For some, once they start on the unhealthy stuff, they find it hard to stop, and once they start to skip their workouts they find it hard to get started agin, so here are some top tips that are worth bearing in mind:

  1. Remind yourself that a smaller is treat always more satisfying than a binge.
  2. Try and imagine how you will feel after.
  3. Take yourself away from the situation to distract yourself.
  4. Try to find a healthy alternative first, as it won’t be as bad for you and psychologically you will be less likely to feel like you’ve failed.
  5. Tell yourself to enjoy whatever it is you’re eating, but then after you will go back to the nourishing fuel that is helping your body function to it’s best and that you have now become accustomed to.
  6. Remind yourself how good you feel after a workout.
  7. If you skip a workout, try and keep as active as possible in other ways – walk rather than drive, do a spot of cleaning, dance around your front room with your little ones!
  8. Don’t waste time beating yourself up, get up and get on with it – that’s life!

The key here is not to become obsessive about food or fitness, this is a lifestyle change remember rather than a regime for a short period of time. There will be times when you want to eat something that isn’t deemed as being healthy, or not bother working out, this is about trying to create a positive attitude towards health and fitness, so try not to think negatively about anything, just put your focus on how good healthy food makes you feel and fab you feel about your body now you are getting stronger, fitter and leaner.

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