How to Keep organised as a Busy Mum


1. Get yourself into a routine

Having some kind of daily routine will make your life feel easier: for example, instead of having to think about what you have to do when you wake up, you will go into automatic pilot mode and just do it! Not only that, you will quickly work out how long it takes you to do stuff, so you can time manage things easier.

2. Do an online shop once a week

Gone are the days when we had to waste half a day doing the weekly shop, supermarket delivery was designed for ease and convenience and it astounds me how many people still don’t do it. If you’re a busy mum, there are far more things you could be doing with your time! Stock up on store cupboard ingredients like brown rice, tinned tomatoes and chick peas, so that you always have the staples to make a heathy meal. As soon as your meat/fish is delivered, pop it in the freezer and then get out what you need in the morning so that you don’t end up wasting food and it encourages you to cook a healthy home cooked meal. Have a handful of ‘go to’ healthy recipes that are quick to prepare, go a long way and will satisfy an array of taste buds. For example: Shepherds Pie using turkey mince and sweet potato mash topping and Chicken Chili Con Carne with brown rice or quinoa are great healthy family favourites. And why not make double the amount to freeze, so that you have a batch ready for a busy day?

3. Get help

Sometimes us mums think we’ve got to do it all, but there’s no shame in asking for help! Get a cleaner in for a couple of hours a week, ask your mum/friend to come round for a few hours so you can get some chores or work done, you’ll be surprised how much just a few child free hours a week will help.

4. Learn to Say no

I’m all about keeping busy and having a fulfilled life, but there’s a fine line sometimes and occasionally learning to be a little bit selfish (for you and your family) and slightly less social will make life less stressful. You don’t have to say yes to every invite, helping out at the school event, every play date or every night out. As a mum your life is already pretty busy as it is, so why add to the pressure?

5. Prioritise

Sometimes we must accept that we can’t do everything. Once you’ve done this you are less likely to run around like a headless chicken trying to fit everything in. Workout what is the most important to you and your family and put them in order. Remember, making time for yourself is in your families interest as well as yours: happy mum = happy family! So, if keeping fit is something you often put at the bottom of your list, then make that shift and move it to the top. Yes, it may mean getting up half an hours earlier or skipping the ironing pile ­­­, but ask yourself ‘what do you want the most? An ironed shirt or a peachy bottom?’

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