How to include fitness in other areas of your life

How to include fitness in other areas of your life


By now you will have started to create good, positive habits in your life with regards to health and fitness. But remember, being fit and healthy is more than just what you do during your workout session; being more active in your life in general will increase your health and fitness even more so.

So how can you include fitness in your every day life?

Make it a social thing

Grab a like minded friend or family member and workout together every now and then. Try a new class, head to the park or one of your houses and then treat yourselves to a healthy lunch and a catch up afterwards.

Walk everywhere you can

If you’re a competitive kinda person then fitness watches are excellent for setting goals and competing with other people to do the most steps possible! Set of earlier and walk rather than taking the car, you’ll be surprised how many extra calories you burn per day by doing your 10,000 steps. Plus get the most out of that expensive buggy by giving it a run for it’s money!

Run around the park with your kids

If you have older kids, tire them out by running around after them in the park or garden and burn a few extra calories yourself! Set up a game of rounders or football and get involved.

Attend fitness events

Fitness events are fast becoming popular across the country and they are a great day out. Again, make it a social thing and take your friends, join in the variety of classes on offer and try a whole load of healthy treats.

Take part in a charity event

Give yourself something to work towards and sign up to a charity event such as Cancer Research Race for Life and raise money for a good cause whilst you’re at it. You don’t have to run if you’re not ready for it.

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