How to get past the plateau

How to Get Past the Plateau


If your weight has started to plateau then first of all remember, this is normal and all part of the process. However it can be a little disappointing and demotivating, especially if you are being so ‘on it’ and you can’t see any particular reason for not making progress. So here are TWO main factors to consider to get things moving again:

Monitor what you’re eating a little closer

Nuts, seeds, peanut butter, avocado, all these ingredients are so good for you, but eaten excessively or just a little too often can mean that you will not lose weight, in fact you could even gain weight as they are still high in calories and fats. Albeit good fats they still have the same effect when it comes to weight. Do not cut them out completely as they have so many beneficial factors, just cut down on them and see if this makes a difference.

Make your workouts more challenging

Ask yourself, are your workouts becoming easy? Do you feel like you could be working harder? Are you breaking a sweat? Are you getting to the end of each repetition with ease? If so then maybe it’s time to move up to the next level. Whilst I’m big on safety and doing things correctly first and foremost, I do know that if you cruise along at the same level then you won’t see change. If you answered yes to any of the above, then try talking it to the next level by selecting the harder option for some of the exercises, using heavier weights and allowing less rest time in between exercises. All these things combined will make you work harder, therefore increasing your strength, fitness levels and ability. It will also mean that you will burn more calories and lose more fat and build lean muscle.

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