How to get through your first week


To be honest, your first week may be a breeze. You will hopefully be bursting with enthusiasm and eager to launch yourself into your new healthy lifestyle that you may not need much outside encouragement. However, you could find that after day three or four your inner thighs are burning, your sugar cravings are sky high and you’re walking a little like John Wayne. Don’t panic! It’s normal.

So here are my top tips to getting through your first week:

1. The best bit of advice before starting anything new, is to be prepared. Read though your plan thoroughly, making notes of things that you will need to buy in advance. Stock up on the healthy ingredients you need to buy and plan your meals in advance.

2. Work out the best time of day for you to do your workouts (for me it’s definitely the morning when I have the most energy and it means I can get it over and done with!) and make sure there are no distractions. Of course as a mum, the biggest distraction you’ll face is your kids! So make sure they are either asleep or well occupied for half an hour. Switch off your phone, and let the door bell ring – get used to putting yourself first for just half an hour each day.

3. Get support from your family and friends. I know this may sound a little cliche, but if you explain to those around you what you’re doing and how important it is for you in advance, then they will help you more so. Even if it just means watching the kids whilst you work out or not trying to tempt you with chocolate biscuits!

4. In your first month you may find that old habits are hard to break. If you’re used to eating a lot of sugar, then no doubt you will crave it as sugar is an addiction and addictions don’t disappear overnight. The best thing to do when those cravings hit, is to have a handful of distractions up your sleeve. If you really need something sweet, then it’s best to ease yourself off gently. Have a couple of squares of good quality dark chocolate, a small handful of dried fruit, or a small piece of fruit to nip your craving in the bud. Just remember that even natural sugars are addictive and have the same effect as refined sugars if eaten in large quantities. I always find that my worst time for carvings is in the evening after dinner, sitting in front of the TV. If this sounds familiar, then do as I do – go to bed early and read a book or magazine. You are less likely to eat in your bedroom and your body will thank you for the early night.

5. Remind yourself why. Having a purpose and a goal is very important when we set ourself challenges. You may have a special event that you want to look especially good for, or you may want to make real changes to your lifestyle to set a good example to your kids. Whatever your goal, find your motivation and find something/someone that inspires you. The world is buzzing with inspiration all around us, so find that thing, whether it be a Instagram account, a book, a picture of how you looked ten years ago, whatever it may be and keep it close to hand. Look at it everyday, read inspiring articles on health and fitness, learn more every day about health and fitness and why it will make you live a happier more fulfilling life.

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