How to Break Bad Habits and Make New Good Ones


Get rid of temptation – out of sight out of mind

It’s hard to resist temptation if it’s staring you in your face! Clear your house of all the naughty treats, so you know there there will be no ‘sweet treats’ available after dinner. You will soon become accustomed to not having fatty snacks around.

Eat mindfully

Try not to talk too much whist you eat, concentrate on your food, chew it well and enjoy every mouthful. If you chat all the way through, watch TV or play with your phone, then your meal will be finished before your mind has had time to connect with eating it.

Make healthy food tasty!

If you replace your normal food with ‘diet’ food that is bland, tasteless and unsatisfying, then you will never stick to eating healthily. Healthy food can be so delicious and once you get hooked you will never go back. Experiment with healthy recipes, try and include a variety of foods in your diet and use lots of herbs and spices in your cooking to make meals full of flavour.

Work out at the same time every day

By working out at the same time every day it makes it part of your regular routine, just like brushing your teeth when you get up in the morning. You are more likely to go into automatic pilot mode and just do it!

Do something you enjoy

If you don’t enjoy your workouts, again you’re highly unlikely to stick to them. If exercise is a chore for you – keep your workouts short and effective. If they are so difficult that you find yourself hating every moment, then time to ease up on yourself a little and do something a little more achievable. This is not to say you mustn’t challenge yourself, but just make sure you don’t hate every minute!

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