My Story

korin nolanHealth and fitness has always been my thing from a young age, however like many women, my weight and shape has fluctuated over the years. I had my first child when I was just eighteen and with the help of breastfeeding and running around after him, I naturally lost my baby weight and then some. The second time just recently at the age of thirty-seven however, I knew was going to be a different story! Breastfeeding didn’t come quite as naturally unfortunately and the sheer fact that I am a lot older this time around, has meant that I have had to put in a big conscious effort into getting rid of the 36lbs I gained during my pregnancy. But hell, I was determined to do it!

I knew that I had to do this sensibly, as any new mum will know, tiredness, combined with a recovering body, heightened emotions, stress, anxiety and all the other woes that may now factor into your life, is a lot to deal with, without having the added pressure of counting calories and having to head to the gym every day for a gruelling workout. So, I devised a plan that made sure I was eating well to help my body recover (and nourish my baby in the first few weeks that I breastfed) and help me lose weight naturally. Combined with workouts that lasted around thirty minutes, which included the most effective exercises I’ve learnt over the years for losing weight and toning up, sure enough, gradually the weight began to drop off. After five months I was back down to what I weighed before I had my daughter, I felt strong, I felt fit and I could fit back into my skinny jeans!

Yes, there are still days when I feel exhausted, but do you know the cure? A workout, because it gives me energy. I’m always striving to get even fitter and stronger, as it genuinely makes me feel so good!

This is not a plan that will leave you starving and fatigued, this is designed to make you feel at your very best as a new mum. I can honestly say that by being healthy, exercising regularly and losing the weight, has made me feel like myself again a lot quicker. It has also helped my frame of mind and has given me way more energy than laying on the sofa in my PJs – OK, I did do that some days too at the very beginning!

You don’t have to be in shape to do my plan, as it starts gradually and builds you up in strength. The plan is broken down in three stages, so if you don’t feel ready to go onto the next stage, then you can simply repeat the first stage until you feel ready. I promise you ladies, if you follow my plan step by step, you will achieve the results and you will feel wonderful.