To think that for twelve whole weeks, you won’t have an off day, skip a workout or two or have temptations to ‘eat the cake’ is a little unrealistic, I get that, we are all human! What matters the most is how you handle it after those ‘off’ moments. The key to this plan…(Read More)

Sometimes we all need a little sweet treat, but hopefully by doing this plan (and certainly the further you get along in it) the more your taste buds will start to change and you will not crave as many sweet treats. And what may come as a surprise to you, is that when you do…(Read More)

Check out this delicious recipes from The Mindful Chef perfect for Date Night! This flavour-packed sauce from Argentina is full of parsley, oregano, red chilli and lemon juice, for a great boost of Vitamin C to protect the body against free radicals. Ingredients 120g cherry tomatoes 1 lemon 1 red chilli 1 red pepper…(Read More)

‘But how do I workout with a baby/kids around’ ‘There’s not enough time’ ‘I’m too tired’ Sound familiar? These are the kind of comments I hear a lot from mums, and don’t get me wrong, I totally understand! Fitting any kind of ‘me time’ in when you have little ones in…(Read More)

Check out this delicious recipe from The Mindful Chef. Their recipes are free from dairy and refined carbohydrates and are super tasty! We’ve swapped regular noodles for vitamin C packed courgette noodles, nestled in a fragrant, creamy coconut soup, made with zingy fresh ginger and tangy tamarind paste. Ingredients 1 1/2 tbsp oil…(Read More)

Get rid of temptation – out of sight out of mind It’s hard to resist temptation if it’s staring you in your face! Clear your house of all the naughty treats, so you know there there will be no ‘sweet treats’ available after dinner. You will soon become accustomed to not having fatty snacks…(Read More)

Check out this great blog post from my friends at Fitta Mamma! There’s one exercise routine pregnancy and postnatal experts FIttaMamma would recommend to ALL new Mammas (and not so new Mammas and pregnant women too!). It doesn’t need any special equipment, you can do it anywhere and at any time…and nobody…(Read More)

To be honest, your first week may be a breeze. You will hopefully be bursting with enthusiasm and eager to launch yourself into your new healthy lifestyle that you may not need much outside encouragement. However, you could find that after day three or four your inner thighs are burning, your sugar cravings are sky…(Read More)

how to stay motivated

Ok, mummys this is it! Summer is just around the corner and whether you’ve had a baby recently or not, if you’re not happy with your body, if you’re tired and lacking in energy, if your dream is to get fit, strong and healthy, then step this way….I’m super excited…(Read More)

1. Get yourself into a routine Having some kind of daily routine will make your life feel easier: for example, instead of having to think about what you have to do when you wake up, you will go into automatic pilot mode and just do it! Not only that, you will quickly work out how…(Read More)