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tummy after baby

You may look down at your tummy these days and sigh at the memory of your pre-pregnancy belly. Yes, true enough, our tummies are never quite the same after having a baby, however it doesn’t mean the end for bikinis, crop tops (OK, I never really wore crop top before) as with a…(Read More)

Persian chicken with mint & pomegranate

Check out this gorgeous recipe from The Mindful Chef The polyphenol compounds in pomegranate help to lower blood pressure as well as lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke. Pomegranate also has aphrodisiac qualities, so will be the perfect complement to Valentine’s Day! Ingredients 10g flaked almonds 1/2 lemon 1/2 pomegranate…(Read More)

How to include fitness in other areas of your life

By now you will have started to create good, positive habits in your life with regards to health and fitness. But remember, being fit and healthy is more than just what you do during your workout session; being more active in your life in general will increase your health and fitness even more so. So…(Read More)

How to get past the plateau

If your weight has started to plateau then first of all remember, this is normal and all part of the process. However it can be a little disappointing and demotivating, especially if you are being so ‘on it’ and you can’t see any particular reason for not making progress. So here are TWO main…(Read More)

being a fit mum makes you a better mum

Gives you some time out ‘me time’ Helps to regain your own identity so you’re not just ‘a mum’ Reduces stress levels Gives you more energy Makes you happier Aids weight loss, tone and strength Sets a good example to your kids Makes you look and feel younger Introduces you to a new social…(Read More)