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how to stay motivated

How to stay motivated


Even though this is a lifestyle plan, it is important to stay on track as much as possible for these first twelve weeks to make some progress and really give yourself a good kick start. But, moments of weakness are natural and if you start to lack motivation then here are my Top Tips to…(Read More)

To think that for twelve whole weeks, you won’t have an off day, skip a workout or two or have temptations to ‘eat the cake’ is a little unrealistic, I get that, we are all human! What matters the most is how you handle it after those ‘off’ moments. The key to this plan…(Read More)

Sometimes we all need a little sweet treat, but hopefully by doing this plan (and certainly the further you get along in it) the more your taste buds will start to change and you will not crave as many sweet treats. And what may come as a surprise to you, is that when you do…(Read More)

Check out this delicious recipes from The Mindful Chef perfect for Date Night! This flavour-packed sauce from Argentina is full of parsley, oregano, red chilli and lemon juice, for a great boost of Vitamin C to protect the body against free radicals. Ingredients 120g cherry tomatoes 1 lemon 1 red chilli 1 red pepper…(Read More)